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12GODS has created a single serve capsule with herb blends, compatible with Nespresso machines.

ABOUTIME is an out of the box pluggable solution for booking appointments through messaging apps that saves time from customers and business.

Agro-U is a platform aiming to initially connect the agri-food sector with personnel helping them work longer periods of time.

AIRMOS Intelligent autonomous drone missions for the safety and security sector.

almaCare is the app that will simplify how pharmacy serves chronic patients optimising the get and manage their prescriptions and medicines.
Apeikon Therapeutics develops targeted triggered technologies for hard-to-treat cancers achieving high accuracy efficacy and safety.

Biocredit is an innovative idea for rewardable recycling. Green autonomous bins will be designed which will be managed by an application.

CUT-future company aims to contribute to medical care by advancing HIFU technology and proving alternative therapeutic modalities.

cvrPhone is a medical grade, smartphone based, wireless, cardio-respiratory monitoring system for long-term ambulatory monitoring.

Dataphoria is the first data-for-good enterprise in Greece, using Data & AI to transform organizations improving the state of the world.

DIMEC (Gynetronics) is a medical grade, smartphone based, wireless, cardio-respiratory monitoring system for long-term ambulatory monitoring.

Embneusys is an IoT platform (hardware and software) for monitoring construction equipment regarding location and working conditions.

HR KIT is the app that shows management what is happening, when nothing is happening
Instahome Real Estate Investment & Services Software & Computer Services
Magos is the next-gen HCI solution in extended reality. It is comprised by the H/W part -the gloves- and the S/W tool – interaction platform
N-yform Smart recycling materials
PCN Materials is set to produce novel high-performance photocatalytic materials operating under the influence of solar and/or artificial (indoor) lighting, proved most effective both, on improving indoor/outdoor air quality and on the disinfection of Bacteria, Viruses, Phages, etc at health-sensitive areas
POXi POXi kit is the first rapid, easy and accurate quantificaiton kit for non-chlorinated shock oxidants used in the water treatment sector.
Scander is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that offers a complete set of solutions to businesses in the HORECA industry.
Tybiltech Ltd Leasing technology devices with a low monthly subscription fee
UnboxMyGift The global marketplace for gifts powered by local stores, independent boutiques and designers. Forget global shipping. Think local delivery.
Wardrobly Online peer-to-peer fashion rental service! Airbnb of fashion with a greek sustainable culture!


Icarus Group Our focus is on developing composite systems and using them to repair, reinforce and restore ageing assets in refineries and chemical plants
Solar Energy Land Helping companies/investors find the perfect land for a solar PV installation
Solar Inspectron AI AI-Based tool for detection of defects in solar farms. Supports assurance through thermal maps generated with fewer images and drone flights
SOLEX Developing an intelligent low cost solution for the early detection of problems in Photovoltaic systems to ensure maximum energy output.
TechNovator-UK has invented and showcased an absolutely unique method of energy transfer based on quantum mechanical principles.
THRUWIND Development of the next generation of new, more efficient, and safer wind turbines


Fishing Marks helps fishermen to organise and manage their fishing spots and navigate
Marefind The Online, Universal recruiting tool for Shipping, Cruising and Yachting, bridging directly Companies to Sea-Professionals in one click.
MaritimeAPI offers a marketplace for shipping companies and charterers to connect their data and applications using business analysis, maritime expertise and AI integration capabilities with partners.


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